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Who we are...

The Clinical Genomics Centre is focused on providing industry-leading support for genomics projects. From the upstream study design and grant writing, to the downstream sequencing and data analysis, we see your genomics project to its conclusion. 

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We are a state-of-the-art, full service genomics technology facility operating under cGLP guidelines to meet the rigorous standards necessary for high quality data generation and analysis. Sample handling is fully automated where applicable, and advanced robotics allow for high throughput and increased precision.

The facility is equipped with a comprehensive portfolio of technology, with a diverse staff of scientists and technologists specialized in each platform, enabling optimal efficiency and the lowest cost for our collaborators. 


Our talented and flexible staff have experience working with the genetics of a wide range of organisms, placing us in the best position to support clients and collaborators from diverse research fields.

Our in-house bioinformatics department uses the most up-to-date pipelines and programs to ensure the most comprehensive analysis of data generated from any project. 


Questions for us? Contact us directly

We're here to help make your genomics project proceed smoothly.

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