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All photos taken from the Clinical Genomics Centre
Fluidigm Biomark

Fluidigm® Biomark™

  • Automated, high-throughput, high performance PCR/qPCR and flow cytometry system, powered by microfluidics technology

  • Ideal for projects of scale, allowing for cost advantages

  • Capable of various analyses, including flow cytometry, gene expression, genotyping, copy number variant analysis, and PCR

Biomark Fluidigm.png
Covaris Ultrasonicator

Covaris® Ultrasonicator

  • High-throughput ultrasonicator supporting a variety of sample preparation procedures

  • Ideal for projects of scale, with capabilities for automation

  • Capable of processing up to 96 samples in a single run

  • Capable of various processes, including cell lysis, DNA extraction, and shearing of genetic material

Covaris Ultrasonicator.png
Illumina CBOT

Illumina® CBOT

  • Automated system that creates clonal clusters from DNA templates

  • Prepares samples for sequencing on Illumina HiSeq experiments

  • Amplifies cDNA fragments on Illumina flow cells

  • Compatible with LIMS (laboratory information management system), allowing efficient sample tracing

  • Ideal for sample preparation processes where sequencing using a HiSeq is required

Illumina CBOT.png
Eppendorf epMotion

Eppendorf® epMotion®

  • Automated liquid handling system, with modules allowing for shake, heat, and cooling protocols

  • Compatible with up to 384 well plates, allowing high-throughput sample handling and preparation

  • Multiple applications, including sample mixing and prep for sequencing, cell disruptions, and immunoassays

epMotion 5075.png
Thermofisher KingFisher
  • Versatile sample preparation system, with automation for consistent performance across multiple experiments

  • Removal of manual steps decreases processing time and chance of error

  • Wide range of applications for projects involving the isolation and purification of nucleic acids, proteins, and cells

Beckman Biomek
  • Automated workstation with powerful and intelligent liquid handling

  • Removal of manual steps promotes workflow automation and decrease in user error

  • High-throughput capabilities allow large volumes of samples to be processed simultaneously

Illumina iScan
  • High-throughput multiplex genotyping array and imaging, allowing for population-scale analyses

  • Automated processing to reduce hands on-time

  • Capable of various analysis types, including human genotyping, cytogenetics, methylation analysis, and more

  • Scanning technology paired with Illumina Infinium Assays for powerful multiplex genotyping (see Infinium® Workflow)

Illumina iScan.png
ThermoFisher Axiom
  • Choice of standardized or customized arrays for a variety of experiments

  • Production-scale genotyping arrays for high-throughput experiments

  • Arrays are used for various purposes, including:

    • The detection of genetic associations with complex traits​

    • Fine mapping of quantitative trait loci (QTL)

    • Detecting signatures of selection, and implementing genomics selection to farm animal species

    • Investigating the relationship between genetics and susceptibility to complex diseases

    • Trait and population-focused genotyping of large sample cohorts

    • Studying effects of genetic variation on drug absorption, distribution, and metabolism

    • Studying markers with genomic regions of interest

    • Detecting selection markers, and screening complex genetic traits in plant or animal breeding

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ThermoFisher GeneTitan
  • Multi-channel machine for streamlining experiments; seamlessly integrates hybridization, watching, and imaging into a single instrument

  • Capable of supporting a wide range of experiments, including genotyping and  gene expression profiling

  • Compatible with Axiom arrays for high-throughput experiments

Thermofisher GeneTitan.png
Agena MassArray
  • Machine combining mass spectrometry and PCR, allowing for accurate and rapid analysis of nucleic acids

  • Supports up to 384 well plates for high-throughput experiments

  • Wide range of applications, including but not limited to pharmacogenetics, tumor profiling, methylation analysis, and human genotyping

Agena Bioscence Both FULL.png
ABI Prism
  • Efficient, fast, and high-throughput real-time PCR system

  • Supports up to 384 well plates

  • Capable of a variety of experiments, including but not limited to gene expression analysis and allelic discrimination assays

  • Powerful software tools allow automation, reducing hands-on time and user-produced error

ABI Prism.png
  • Gold standard Illumina sequencing-by-synthesis machinery

  • Short-read paired-end sequencing (2 x 150 bp)

  • High quality sequencing for a variety of analyses, including but not limited to  whole genome genotyping, genome-wide methylation analysis, and RNA-seq analysis

  • Various throughput options and streamlined workflow for fast turnaround for NGS experiments

NextSeq 500.png
  • Gold standard Illumina sequencing-by-synthesis machinery

  • Short-read paired-end sequencing (2 x 300 bp)

  • Variety of applications including but not limited to small genome sequencing, targeting gene sequencing, and metagenomic sequencing

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